Urte Beyer was born near Lake Constance in Southern Germany. She studied Sculpture at the Alanus University of Arts in Bonn, Germany. After graduating, she moved to New York, where she concentrated on photography, video and new media techniques. Later, she moved back to Germany to merge photography with sculpture and started developing 3-dimensional photographical objects. Her works have been presented in group and solo exhibitions in galleries and art spaces throughout Germany. Currently, Urte lives and works in Berlin.

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ZERTIFIZIERUNG BAU GMBH                           ‚Urban Transformation‘
Ausstellung vom 06.01. – 30.04.2020
Kronenstraße 55-58, 10117 Berlin

Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik Berlin          ‚Urban Transformation‘
Ausstellung vom 2.10. – 29.11.2019

Galerie subje|ctobje|ct  Berlin                            ‚Raumerfahrung‘
Ausstellung vom 20.10. – 23.11.2019